Specialist Services Group achieving excellence in customer satisfaction

Specialist Services Group achieving excellence in customer satisfaction

Following the introduction of the Customer Loyalty Score, Specialist Services Group achieved their target in June 2015 with the CLS of 55%, which represents their excellence in customer satisfaction.

With the aim of understanding and improving customer satisfaction, in 2013 Specialist Services Group introduced a customer loyalty system with the use of short questionnaires submitted to customers for their rating of our performance at various project stages. We called this system Customer Loyalty Score (or CLS) and is based on customer surveys using a 0-to-10 point rating scale.

The CLS ranges from -100% to +100% and in general, as long as the CLS is positive is felt to be a good achievement, and a CLS of +50% is considered to be excellent—this is also the Specialist Services Group target CLS.

In our CLS system we use three questions related with our products and services, such as “Did we respond efficiently and accurately to your enquiry?”, “Did we communicate effectively with you throughout the order to delivery process?” or “Are you satisfied with the quality and functionality of the product?”. These are just some of the questions we ask our customers at different stages of our projects, such as order process, engineering, project completion, after 6 months of product use and also after a customer complaint resolution.

Based on our customers’ feedback we hold regular internal interdepartmental meetings where we analyse the feedback received. The outcome of these meetings includes plans to implement procedures that will help us improve particular areas where our customers have not been completely satisfied with our product or service. This is actually the most important aspect of the CLS.

In June 2015, at Specialist Services Group we have surpassed our target with the CLS of 55%. Based on this result it is clear that the majority of our customers are very satisfied with our performance at various stages of our projects. Off course there is still more we can do to further improve all of our customers’ experience and we will strive to achieve that with the use of our CLS system.

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