QHSE Commitment


Specialist Services Group Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

We are committed to ensure that every Specialist Services Group Company:

  • has implemented a Management System that is certified (or has a target date for certification) to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • has defined its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) objectives suitable to its particular business and aligned with the goals of the group
  • ensures that QHSE policy is communicated and understood within the organisation and is made available to its suppliers, contractors and interested parties
  • reviews its objectives on a regular basis and continuously improves the effectiveness of its QHSE management system for the long term sustainability of the business
  • encourages personal responsibility for QHSE performance
  • ensures all its activities comply with applicable industry codes, standards, specifications, legal and other requirements
  • shall identify, assess and manage QHSE risks prior to commencing all activities and projects
  • makes QHSE a part of all its  business decisions
  • ensures availability of a safe and healthy work place, for its employees, contractors, customers and visitors for the prevention of ill health and injuries
    uses resources efficiently, minimising the generation of waste where possible and initiates measures for the prevention of pollution
  • understands that quality is doing the job right first time
  • is committed to ensure that its products and services fully meet the requirements of  its customers at all times
  • builds a culture of continual improvement and empowers its people to take decisions by clearly defining their roles, responsibilities and authorities in an environment of ownership and trust

This policy is reviewed by the management team for continuing suitability on a regular basis and applies to all Specialist Services Group companies.

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