Outstanding customer satisfaction results

Outstanding customer satisfaction results

Working together to support our customers at all stages of our work, from enquiry receipt and project award, all the way to project completion and service support, at Specialist Services Group we have been achieving outstanding results through our Customer Loyalty Score (CLS) system. As of January 2017, our CLS is at an impressive 75%.

With the CLS ranging between -100% and +100%, in general, as long as the CLS is positive is felt to be a good achievement, while a CLS of +50% is considered to be excellent. At Specialist Services Group we have achieved our target of 50% for 2015 in June 2015, which has been then overachieved for over a year. Based on these results, we have raised our target to 65% in 2016, and we are still above target with highest peaks recorded in May 2016 (76%), January 2017 (75%) and December 2016 (73%).

These results reflect a very high level of customer satisfaction with our performance from enquiry stage, engineering, products quality and provided services.

Following two very good years in our customer satisfaction results, we look forward to another successful year by providing our customers with quality products and services meeting the highest industry standards.

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