Specialist Services launches new Stock Products for Sale Portal

Specialist Services launches new Stock Products for Sale Portal

With the aim of improving our customers’ experience in easily finding the products they need and expedite the quotation process, we are glad to announce that Specialist Services have launched our new Stock Products for Sale Portal, dedicated to customers looking for various products for sale as well as our modules for hire.

HIRE - Engineering Modules 27ft MLU 03Through this new portal our customers can easily find the products for sale or hire they are looking for and make an immediate enquiry. Based on the requirement, our team provides them with a quotation within 1 working day.

The portal has been designed and developed to provide a user-friendly experience; the simple navigation and functionality of the portal makes it easy for all users to find products and make enquiries.

Within the first range of over 500 products immediately available for sale, we offer in-house stock build items (Surge Tanks, Separators, Early Production Facility Equipment, Laboratories, Skid Frames etc.), architectural, HVAC, electrical and instrumentation products, structural steel, furniture, valves and accessories, as well as doors and windows.

DTP - 1440 PSI Separator 3D 01On the portal are also presented all our modules for hire, including Engineering Modules, Accommodation Units, Workshops and Utility Modules, which are ready for immediate deployment and available through our facilities in Dubai, Aberdeen and Singapore.

We invite you all to explore the new portal and make your enquiries without any obligation. For more information and support you can contact us through the Contact Form present on the portal or write us at stockenquiry@specserve.com (for stock products for sale) or hire@specserve.com (for modules for hire).

We look forward to help you get the product you need!

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