Mudlogging Units


Manufactured in house to the highest industry standards, our Mudlogging Units are designed to optimise workspace efficiency and meet environment and acoustic requirements with a separate geological and laboratory area. They are designed to house your specialist equipment and resources and perform laboratory works in a safe and comfortable environment.

Mudlogging Units can be outfitted and modified to perform any number of functions to suit your exact project requirements. We have in stock a range of A60 Offshore Mudlogging Units of 27 and 30 feet.

Global Compliance
ATEX, IECEx, USCG, CE Marked, CSC, DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7.2, EN 12079, A60, NORSOK

Dimensions and Weight

Unit                       Dimensions (in mm)             Tare Weight

27’ Unit      8,230 (L) x 2,900 (W) x 2,726 (H)      13,300 kg
30’ Unit      9,000 (L) x 3,000 (W) x 2,726 (H)      13,000 kg

Features and Benefits

•    Available in ATEX Zone I and II and NORSOK
•    A sink and / or a fume hood is provided
•    Large sample preparation area to perform all sample related procedures from washing and drying the sample to analysis, including drying oven
•    Storage for chemicals, trays, glassware and other sample related items
•    Geologist and operator work area supplied with electrical outlets, network connection ports and data display monitors

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