Labtech successfully completed Offshore Refurbishment project

Labtech successfully completed Offshore Refurbishment project

Within our broad range of products and services for the oil and gas industry, Labtech provide extensive rig accommodation repair with full turnkey service, from minor works and upgrades to full refurbishment of existing living quarters and technical buildings.

We have recently completed an Offshore Refurbishment project for a bespoke Flat Pack Mud Logging Unit. The project included destruction and removal of the existing Mud Logging module, followed by the supply and installation of the bespoke new unit. Due to space and access the new increased footprint flat-pack unit was required to be built on site within an existing module on a drilling platform.

Offshore Refurbishment - Flat Pack - BEFORE          Offshore Refurbishment - Flat Pack - AFTER

………………………..(Before)                                                                         (After)

We used our 32 years of experience in engineering complex modules and our in-house manufacturing capabilities to produce the right solution. The result of Labtech engineering process was a Flat Pack Mud Logging module built on the offshore platform that met all client’s specifications. The unit was completed with internal fit out of architectural items, such as bespoke work stations, pedestals, wall cabinets, marine specific Vinyl floor coverings, B15 ceiling, lighting and electrical cable management systems.

This is just one of Labtech latest refurbishment projects completed offshore. Similar to this project, we offer a complete and comprehensive solution for clients who wish to increase the life-span of their current fleet. With vast experience in design, manufacture and regulatory compliance requirements for oilfield equipment, we have dedicated in-house management and execution teams, and in addition to standard refurbishment, we can offer also ATEX and CE Marked upgrade packages to ensure that your fleet can be utilised on a global scale.

Find out more about our Offshore Refurbishment capabilities or email us today for further information.

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