Our welded steel plate construction in conjunction with a range of HVAC solutions – from standard split units to Zone I certified package HVAC – provides the most robust, packaged solution for your switchgear, UPS and other electrical equipment needs. Supplied to site as a fully connected and tested package E-Houses are the perfect solution for sites where site access is problematic for climatic, security or personnel housing reasons. E-Houses are equally well suited for use in both green and brown field applications both on and offshore.

Offshore applications are particularly demanding when it comes to providing a solution that is as weight efficient as possible. When traditional steel construction methods are too heavy for existing or new platform structures, Labtech has a range of solutions in aluminium and class leading steel construction methods that can help solve your project’s weight challenges.

Our ability to provide a fully engineered in-house solution for both blast and seismic requirements means that we are able to provide E-Houses for the most demanding applications in the world. The ability for an E-House to withstand these events gives the operator the confidence that their process and safety critical systems will remain operable to aid in the rehabilitation of the plant.

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