Customers are very satisfied with our products

Customers are very satisfied with our products

Labtech with Specialist Services Group continue achieving great results in customer satisfaction through product innovation, quality and customer care, as reflected in customers’ ratings and testimonials received this year.

In the currently challenging oil & gas market, at Labtech and Specialist Services Group we have been working on our processes optimisation, existing products innovation and new product development projects. These have been carried out with our customers’ needs in mind, which mostly include the requirement for globally compliant and transferrable fleets, product customisation and higher specification related to health and safety.

As a result, this year we are launching the FLEX 33, our new accommodation modules. Designed to maximise safety while providing a comfortable living environment, these modules are compliant with the stringent ABS 2013 guide for Portable Accommodation Modules and can be installed on all ABS class vessels worldwide. But there are many other products we have been improving and developing lately, from modular buildings, blast resistant modules, wireline and slickline units to separators, trailer mounted well test packages, heater treaters and many others.

Our products quality and innovations are also reflected in our increased customers’ satisfaction. As highlighted in our recent news from two months ago, we have been receiving very good ratings from our customers through our customer loyalty system – Customer Loyalty Score (or CLS). The CLS ranges from -100% to +100% and in general, as long as the CLS is positive is felt to be a good achievement, while a CLS of +50% is considered to be excellent. We have achieved our target of 50% in June (with a CLS of 55%), with a further growth in July and August, achieving another record-breaking CLS of 67%. These results reflect a very high level of our customers’ satisfaction with our products and services.

In July, Specialist Services Group have also launched our new Arabic website, which as an additional access point of contact for our Arabic speaking stakeholders serves to intensify our relationship with customers in the MENA region. But we will not stop here. We are currently working on further innovations and adoption of new technologies to continue serving our customers by providing quality products and services in line with the highest industry standards.

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