You are about to take your first step towards a new and exciting career at Labtech Services Ltd.
Labtech offers candidates the opportunity to work within a forward thinking and cutting edge company and to be part of an experienced team. We aim to work in synergy with each other to provide the best outcome for all parties.

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Why Labtech?

At Labtech you will join people who share ideas and work productively; people who like what they do. Established in 1983 and with office in Aberdeen, as part of Specialist services Group we offer an international capability in design, engineering, manufacture, installation and support across our broad range of products and services including Modular Buildings, EPC, Drilling, Testing and Production, Modular Hire, Service Maintenance and Spare Parts.

Our robust people management practices and shared values and behaviours enable us to create an ideal work environment. As our product line grows and our geographical presence widens we provide added value for our customers, new business opportunities, continued innovation and stronger relationships with our business partners. What does this mean for your career? Unlimited possibilities.

Labtech does not use recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates fees or costs of any kind. At times Specialist Services will engage recruiting and/or placement agencies to help identify potential candidates for specific positions, but at no cost or fees for candidates.

Working at Labtech

Our global customers, international reach, diverse workforce, broad product range and innovative technologies combine to offer you dynamic career opportunities with tremendous growth potential. To succeed in your career at Labtech you will need to understand and appreciate the critical role of our values and behaviours.


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